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About Whale Pod Works

Whale Pod Works was founded on the premise that web and logo design is multidimensional. The work designed on Whale Pod Works goes beyond the surface and digs deep into the depths of a business’s branding. Just like how whales travel together in pods from the North Pacific to the Hawaiian islands on their annual feeding cycles, the design process is a collaborative effort and each step needs to be patiently fulfilled from start to finish.

Websites designed at Whale Pod Works not only look beautiful, but also accomplish an end goal such as conversion or making a sale. Logos designed at Whale Pod Works are created to have everlasting meaning.

Journey and navigate through the different elements of design and arrive at the final destination.

Designing is like the vast ocean. Endless possibilities from the depth (back-end) to the surface (front-end).

“Precise. Helpful. And incredibly knowledgable. When it comes to WordPress technical problems, Harrison is my go-to guy for solutions. He’s always quick to respond and shows me tricks I never thought possible with WordPress development. On top of that, Harrison is a top notch designer.”

David Anderson

Nitroworks Marketing • Denver, Colorado

Who’s the Designer?

Aloha, I’m Harrison. The lead designer at Whale Pod Works. I’ve been designing websites on various platforms since 2002, but have focused primarily on WordPress web design and development since the platform first debuted around its infancy in 2008. I currently design beautiful works of online art from Hawaii or from around the world.

You can learn more about:

A. My personal artwork at and
B. My round the world travels at

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