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Done-For-You Website and Lead Generation

Divi Theme is the #1 option in the WordPress world.

Ask yourself:

  • No time to figure out how Divi works because you are swamped with work?
  • Don’t have the technical knowledge to figure out how Divi functions?
  • Or were you previously “burned” by an incompetent website designer?

We get it. It’s difficult to navigate through all of the choices and information out there.

We like to help you out by making the entire Divi Theme website design and marketing process stupid SIMPLE.

Remember, it’s no longer okay just to only have a website. With the immense competition flooding Google searches and the short attention spans of website viewers, you NEED to nail down your inbound marketing strategy.

Whale Pod Works is a web design company with a strong international client base. We create beautiful websites, of course. But doing business online requires more than a pretty page. Whale Pod Works has mastered the art of optimization, client acquisition, and conversion of clients to ongoing customers.

In other words, we know how to develop a website design strategy that will get you traffic and leads, therefore, making you MORE MONEY!

“Thank you so much for creating such a beautiful website. I love how it looks and how it expresses my work and classes. You were very patient with the amount of time I needed to create the content and I appreciate that. I would be happy to recommend you to others who need your expertise.”

Lisa Cary

Maui Somatics • Maui, Hawaii

Transform your digital strategy and build a killer Divi website that converts!

When you implement our technical guidance, optimization tips, and creative support, more people will come to your website to see your message and become customers.

Let us guide you to create:

  • Irresistible lead generators
  • A Successful Digital Strategy
  • Increased Inbound Traffic
  • Strong Sales Funnels
  • A Technical Partnership
  • Effective E-Commerce
  • Powerful Branding
  • Measurable Results


Build a Beautiful and Engaging Website from Start to Finish

The Ultimate WordPress Design Pre-Checklist Guide

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Some of Our Successful Web Design Projects

Your Business Deserves the Best

Think about this. Do you have time to figure out how to build a website yourself? Would you like to spend time trying to mess around with a DIY website builder, like Wix or Weebly?

No wonder 9 out of 10 people who sign-up with those DIY builders give up and never launch their website.

Your time is best spent on what you do best, which is helping your customers. Not wasting your valuable time trying to build or fix your website.

“Precise. Helpful. And incredibly knowledgable. When it comes to WordPress technical problems, Harrison is my go-to guy for solutions. He’s always quick to respond and shows me tricks I never thought possible with WordPress development. On top of that, Harrison is a top notch designer.”

David Anderson

Nitroworks Marketing • Denver, Colorado

How It Works

Whale Pod Works can help you with any or all of the following services when developing your Divi Theme website design. You decide which stage you need help with, and we can guide you through it.


First, we set a strategy that can achieve your business objectives, from getting more visitors to making more sales.

Information Architecture

We create a site map that defines the process visitors will take to move through the information to respond to your calls to action.

Website Design

We work together to create a pleasing and effective design. We start with the home page and then design the interior pages to reflect each one’s purpose, from providing information to making a sale.


This is where you learn to use the extra functionality that Divi has to offer. We will really dig deep and fulfill the strategy we designed in step one. Plugins, assigning metadata, installing extension software and more will power up your Divi website.


Whale Pod Works can test your site to be sure it works on all browsers. This is a critical step that many DIY Divi website builders have no idea how to do. Don’t wait for a cranky email from someone who cannot reach your website! Make sure your website works before you go live.

Maintenance and Security

There really is more to maintaining a website than just clicking “Install Updates” whenever you remember to check. Whale Pod Works will make sure your site is operating optimally and securely.

“I’m happy with the result of the logo design Harrison created for Rank Boss. The logo turned out to be BALLER! I needed something new and quick for the launch of the service and Harrison delivered on the spot. Along with the logo design, Harrison builds WordPress sites at lightning speeds. I didn’t need to worry much about the web design as he intuitively understood what I needed built for my projects.”

Travis Jamison

Rank Boss • Vietnam

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