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“I was extremely pleased with Harrison’s creative input, suggestions and on time execution for the supplement website, Sexy Nutrition. He’s professional and always willing to take the extra mile to make sure the website design and branding are aligned with my business goals.”

Roland Kickinger

Sexy Nutrition • Los Angeles, California

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Website Designs for Fitness and Health Professionals

America has had enough of reports about obesity and diabetics. It’s the wellness and fitness era with many people eating greens, counting calories, working out while listening to their mobiles, counting their steps on pedometers and measuring their heart rates on various wearables. But are they doing everything right? There are procedures for proper physical fitness that fitness professionals are qualified to provide. Where to find them? Google. But even the long arm of Google won’t find them without a properly built website.

It’s imperative for wellness or fitness professionals to have a well-functioning website in order to help as many people as possible either to train them individually or in groups within gyms. If you’re a fitness professional yet to have a website or already do, there are key points needed to help drive traffic to your website. More entrepreneurial fitness professionals also have websites in many forms, so yours need to stand out of the crowd like 90s neon green colored spandex.

You need web design professionals like Whale Pod Works to ensure your web visibility. We know the market and have worked with many others in the fitness industry. As a fitness pro, you shouldn’t need to worry about leads, keywords, website metadata and website design to increase traffic. Whale Pod Works will handle it while you concentrate on your passion.

“I was looking for a website that showcased all of my fitness talents, from yoga to surfing. Harrison did the job, beautifully creating a logo that I imagined, bringing it to life and designing a website that represented the essence of my fitness works. Do not hesitate to work with him, as he is the guy to guide you though the entire web design process from start to finish!”

Meryl Henrie

Infinity Tribe Fitness • Maui, Hawaii

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“Harrison is more brilliant than he realizes.  His ability to research and find the most optimal features for a website place him head and shoulders above other site developers.  Harrison listens, really listens and that is rare.  He waits until he is clear on the client’s vision before moving forward.  Harrison holds the broad vision of serving his clients for years to come so he does not skimp or hurry as he builds.  He knows he is saving everyone future trouble by thinking things through and working with fierce precision.  He is my tech-hero!”

Jennifer Lynn

Global Yoga Flow • Maui, Hawaii

Our Successful Fitness Website Designs

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Custom Web Design to Promote Fitness and Wellness

Everyone can now create their own websites, even way back when the web was booming. But online existence is different from online presence. Online presence is important for every business or organization including yours and what makes that possible is custom web design. Through custom web design, everything that is truly needed to increase web traffic can be incorporated to your website and increased web traffic means increased business.

Reasons to take advantage of custom web design

  • Getting in line with the times – These days, it’s all about content. Continuous posting of related content with the proper keywords help in the visibility of a website. But to add, hold and display content properly requires good web design. Plus, search and display standards change and we are adept at such changes and we ensure that your website is as modern as it gets.
  • Public Consciousness – as mentioned, it’s all about content. Spread the word out that fitness is important. The more content you post, the more traffic you’ll get your way. Post about top ten foods to avoid or the top ten healthiest foods. Web surfers that catch at least one good article will stick to your website for more. For them to stick around or come back, your content has to be organized and easily accessible through a simple easy-to-navigate menu. As a fitness pro, your content has to be displayed in a lively yet subtle fashion. Nothing kicks visitors out than an ad-ridden, psychedelic webpage that’s all over the place.

Web Design: Think Outside the Box

That’s right. It may be the era of wellness but not everyone is into it yet. You’re either an individual who wants to share your passion or an entrepreneur who wants to take advantage of all those poor unhealthy and unfit souls waiting to burst into wellness. Your gym, your practice, your clinic or store needs a well-designed website to promote your wellness business.

Whale Pod Works will make sure your business becomes visible on the web and at the same time help those who want to become or stay healthy to find you. Once they find you, it’s important for them to stay because your site has to be attractive, it has to be meaningful, it has to be interesting and it has to be convenient. Whale Pod Works can help you on all counts. Also, your site has to be functional where it would be easy for you to post content, allow visitors to easily contact you, apply for membership, stay updated, buy something and book for appointments.

And lastly, that stuff isn’t exactly free but on our part, we make the cost of your custom designed fitness or wellness website very affordable. Flyers, brochures and sandwich guys are good, but trust us when we say that a website offers better coverage. The whole town, city and even county will get to know you instead of passers-by.

“It was absolutely a splendid time working with Harrison in developing a side project I always dreamed of. Harrison advised and gave helpful creative direction in building the online shop where I can sell fitness t-shirts. Upon launch, I was excited to get customers buying gear without any hassle. He’s the designer to go to for your fitness web design!”

Mani Malee

Beast-in-Training (BIT) Journey • Long Island, New York

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