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Harrison Tsai is a truly amazing Web Designer! He thoughtfully created my website,, which I have received outstanding reviews about. I believe, Harrison’s genius, has been the reason many of my clients, after viewing my website, hired me to lead workshops at their studios. He carefully designs each page to be personally captivating and alluring to my audience. You will love his work!

Arlene Fox

Wings of Nature Meditation • Maui, Hawaii

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Whale Pod Works, the Spiritual Designer for Spiritual and Alternative Believers

Spiritualists, believers of the metaphysical, alternative healing and medicine; practitioners of holistic treatments—you need to spread the word, you need a website. It’s the 21st century, taking to the streets with sandwich boards and whispering to the grapevine won’t cut it. Your mission to spread the word, heal, help and guide others will be more effective with an online presence and Whale Pod Works can help you create an attractive and intuitive website that reflect your core beliefs, experience and expertise in your field.

Whale song recordings sound relaxing, almost spiritual and can reach long distances hence our name. Whale Pod Works websites can help you spread your message further, sell your services and increase your business. People now take to the web for almost anything and those in need of help will be very fortunate to encounter your Whale Pod Works-crafted website.

What’s important is for your visitor to be relaxed when they enter and our works will try to reflect your essence as much as possible. What’s also important is for your visitor to stay. Haphazardly-made websites, those that are too dark, too bright, too simple and empty, too active and flamboyant tend to throw people out.

Your Spiritual Website is a Booth, not a Flyer

So you already have a website or you’re planning to create a few pages. What’s next? Your website needs to do more than acquaint people to your business. Your website has to inform, engage and even entertain. Whale Pod Works will help you increase and keep your visitors with our knowledge of human behavior and principles of user-centered design. Most website we encounter are just a few pages large that function to tell the visitor that they exist. For a delicious sandwich, that jelly, peanut butter, or cream cheese needs to be really spread out; just like the information of your business and everything related to it.

Real spiritual business owners and metaphysical practitioners should know the Law of Attraction that teaches us that there’s always a comeback for what we dish out. And we need to dish out plenty for visitors to come back. By putting more effort into your website such as better design aesthetics and easy navigation, people will come back for more and more means content. We can also advise on how to fill your website with digestible information and meaningful content. The more content, the more keywords search engines can draw from your website.

To inform is important, if that is your true purpose. But if you have services and articles to offer, being able to sell yourself at the same time would be great. A website with a spiritual web design could be your best sales tool. We can also help you with the more technical aspects of web design like giving it the ability to have a shopping cart, create appointments for sessions, creating reminders, collecting client information, marketing and other time-saving functionalities. Popular spiritual entrepreneurs are often busy with clients and meditation to worry about paperwork. Whale Pod Works can save you some of the worry by creating easy-to-use spiritual business websites for both owners and visitors.

Project Yourself with Your Spiritual Website

Your spiritual website represents you and your business and it’s important to create a good impression with users. These days, the website is where customers, clients and vendors first get to know each other. A well-made website can boost you and or your business’ trust ratings in as less as two seconds. So make a great first impression to your target audience and start looking for a web designer that understands you and your business. Whale Pod Works, works.

“Harrison really knows his WordPress stuff. He guided me through some problems I was having with formatting my pages. I still have a lot to learn, and I will schedule another session with him to get my questions answered.”

Donna Mosher

Authentic Living • Tulsa, Oklahoma

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“Thank you so much for creating such a beautiful website. I love how it looks and how it expresses my work and classes. You were very patient with the amount of time I needed to create the content and I appreciate that. I would be happy to recommend you to others who need your expertise.”

Lisa Cary

Maui Somatics • Maui, Hawaii

Our Successful Spiritual Website Designs

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Breathing New Life into Your Website Design

The internet is full of colorful, flamboyant websites with lots of ads and stuff going on and yet, they feel empty. Other websites have plenty of links, plenty of content that have become so chaotic that just being there is a stressful experience. Ever feel the same for your website? There’s an alternative, intuitive and dynamic method of web design that’s relaxing for both the owner and visitors, and it’s called spiritual website design.

Your website can become lively but not chaotic, colorful but relaxing in short, easy on the eyes. If you can recall the web of the 90s, chock full of animated GIFs (which have made a comeback), blinking neon colors and static design aesthetics, many commercial websites appear to be repeating the same mistakes. Ads and popups come up in places where they shouldn’t and ever-pervasive flash animations bog the entire page down and even crash the browser. Your website, if it shows some symptoms could use an epiphany. Your website visitors need to stay as long as possible with a satisfied and relaxed feeling if that’s what you’re aiming for.

We at Whale Pod Works specialize in creating websites for spiritual businesses but can extend our design aesthetics to other businesses and organizations. I offer our spiritual web design services to websites and businesses that deal with holistic health practices, alternative and energetic healing, psychics, mediums and paranormal societies, all of which require websites with a sense of serenity.

Whale Pod Works ensures that your website will be visually pleasing on both desktop and mobile, completely functional and that it will reflect your spiritual core and beliefs. It will be done by thorough analysis, re-designing, hand-coding, marketing, educating and long-term maintenance. There will be no templates and hand-coding will give the website the needed flexibility of your imagination but we won’t go gung-ho and will strive to be compliant with existing online standards.

Whale Pod Works values excellence, transparency and honesty in our work as we consider it to be our own spiritual foundation.

What Makes Us Different from Other Web Designers

  • Energetically inspired web and graphic design
  • Commitment to integrity and helping our customers stay true to themselves
  • Intuitive web design for your spiritual, conventional or alternative business
  • Smart suggestions for improving content, images and design layout
  • Commitment to perfection
  • Long-term support. Whale Pod Works stays with customers after launching for as long as they like
  • No outsourcing or third parties to maintain product integrity
  • Your success is our success. A great-looking successful website is always a plus in anyone’s portfolio

Long-Term Business Partnership with Whale Pod Works

Through a long-term partnership, customers will have access to the same developer, the same amount of excellence throughout the life of the website. The website will be easier to maintain, repair and improve while owners can concentrate on their business.

Through extensive experience, Whale Pod Works has a good understanding of online business from multiple perspectives.

  • A successful online business owner
  • Over hundreds of hand-coded web pages and counting
  • Pixel-perfect attractive and intuitive graphics design
  • Online researcher, social blogger, business customer and site visitor
  • Experience with local and global partners, customers and clients
  • Up-to-date knowledge of internet activity, trends, behavior, search engines and algorithms
  • Adept and practiced in spiritual and alternative lifestyles and beliefs

“Harrison is more brilliant than he realizes.  His ability to research and find the most optimal features for a website place him head and shoulders above other site developers.  Harrison listens, really listens and that is rare.  He waits until he is clear on the client’s vision before moving forward.  Harrison holds the broad vision of serving his clients for years to come so he does not skimp or hurry as he builds.  He knows he is saving everyone future trouble by thinking things through and working with fierce precision.  He is my tech-hero!”

Jennifer Lynn

Wisdom Flow Yoga • Maui, Hawaii

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