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“I recently started a new business and needed a logo, website and marketing material. Harrison magically simplified everything and really listened to what I wanted. His logo creation is perfect! I couldn’t believe how cool it turned out. And I love the website he crafted, it’s perfect too! and the color scheme he recommended is very professional and eye-catching. I also love that he is vigilant about communications, he always responds quickly and keeps my account organized. I’m so happy I connected with Harrison. I will refer all my friends! Mahalo nui loa!”

Becky Sydney

Maui Astronomy Tours • Maui, Hawaii

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Web Travel and Tourism

There are different kinds of tourism and travel websites. Every country or city has its own website that promotes their respective attractions, tourist spots and the best culinary treats they can offer and each of those attractions have their own websites. There are travel and tour websites that help people get to the aforementioned destinations in various parts of the globe. Other websites feature and review such places helping people sort out the best and which ones to avoid. There are thousands of these sites on the web but only a few make a real difference at what they do.

To be an effective web travel and tourism website, it has to:

  • Deliver a wide array of content that captures the interest of travelers and consumers – stunning, seductive images or videos of natural attractions; lively party destinations; somber, relaxing dining places and interesting architectural, historical wonders complete with relevant text.
  • Deliver correct and up to date information of various travel destinations – as much relevant and up-to-date information about social norms, taboos, cultural aspects as well as safety information.
  • Ensure an easy and intuitive way for travelers to book flights or trips – transactions should be quick, intuitive and easy.

“I was new in business world I opened my office and my page and I started to do hiking and canyoning adventure. A lot of people asked me if i had website and the answer was no. So after I took Harrison to Wadi al Hada canyon I told him about the website and he said is my work to design websites so he started to design my website! He was fast, he was professional and he did it in very cool way! I was shocked when I saw it and I like it so much I started to tell everyone about it. Thanks a lot for completing my take a hike project.”

Eyad Mardiny

Take a Hike Jordan • Amman, Jordan

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Setting up a Travel Website

If you’re looking to set up a travel and tourism website, it has to follow to the industry’s best practices and at the same time adhere to tried and true web standards in order to quickly stand out. Whale Pod Works has worked on websites for various industries including travel and tourism. Our process of web design is founded on a solid content strategy tailored for travel and tours that will inspire visitors to become buyers and later regular customers.

The website needs to deliver the right message to visitors and get them to decide to leave their comfort zone and pursue an adventure. Visitors and customers should also have an avenue in which to share their experiences that benefit your website as well as other travelers. Your previous recommendations may not pan out or a less popular destination could suddenly become attractive. Knowing this will enable your website to adapt as well. Having these features will make your brand a desirable choice for travelers in search of options.

Getting More Traffic

But in order to make a difference and create travel traffic, your travel and tourism website needs to gain as much web traffic itself. People are always looking for info on the best places to visit and with the correct keyword placement of the appropriate destination, that shouldn’t be a problem. Whale Pod Works is adept in the practice of guiding search engines to your website through “crawler-friendly” web design practices. Whatever your website aims to do, to inform visitors of your city, country or town’s attractions or help them book tickets, your site will draw willing travelers by being on the top of search lists.


What is left is being able to close the sale. Your content for a destination must be good and compelling enough to get a positive decision from buyers. What physical and emotional benefits will be waiting for them once there? Will the actual experience be better than the beautiful imagery and testimonials your site offers? Dare them to take the plunge and guide them with easy to use interfaces to make the booking process as painless as possible. Whale Pod Works takes advantage of the best features of the Web 2.0 Internet with designs that help content become more compelling and at the same time displays clear calls to action.

Inviting the Tourist

People become tourists to see and experience new things. There are lots of choices out there and the challenge is getting them to choose what you offer on your travel and tourism website. Here are some tips to make your website stand out.

  • Spectacular Photos – make it a priority to choose the best, professionally-taken images of a destination whether it’s a beach, a museum or a restaurant.
  • Tourist Climate and Customs Information – it’s important to give customers as much information about their destinations as possible in order for them to be safe and stay out of trouble.
  • Links to Resources and other Partners – you can generate income on the side by directing successful buyers to partner establishments such as hotels, cafes and restaurants and help them get around safely by giving links to embassies and authorities.
  • Webcam feeds – if possible, solicit webcam feeds from your partners to give visitors a real-time view of their destination.

“Harrison Tsai is the most professional website designer I have worked with.  He listens and then brings results quickly.  I’m amazed at how quickly he responds to whatever issue I may be having or change I want to make on my website.  I have highly recommended him to many of my friends and all of them have been delighted by his creativity, responsiveness and professionalism.  I would not want to work with anyone else!”

Miranda Camp

Maui Mana Adventures • Maui, Hawaii

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